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Perú Blockchaincon

Pavel Salas is set to speak at the PERÚ BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE 2023, taking place in Lima from June 8th to 10th. We invite you to attend the conference and hear the latest updates about Vara network!

Event Details

8 - 10 of June

Lima, Peru

At PERÚ BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE 2023 you'll be at the forefront of innovation, exploring the limitless possibilities of blockchain. Gain firsthand knowledge as Pavel Salas shares the advancements in blockchain technology.

Connect with like-minded professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Forge new partnerships, exchange ideas and uncover potential collaborations to influence the future of blockchain.

Immerse yourself in captivating presentations by industry experts, uncovering emerging trends and real-world use cases of blockchain applications. Engage in interactive sessions and hands-on activities designed to deepen your understanding of blockchain concepts and empower you with practical skills.

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